Our Technologies

EPIC™ Laser

One of the most promising aspects of laser dentistry is the opportunity to do more with less anesthesia, and less damage to the tissue.

EPIC™ delivers on that promise, it is the latest laser innovation. Whether you are seeking a standard soft tissue laser, or expanded features for Whitening and Pain Therapy, there is an EPIC™configuration perfect for you.

EPIC™ Advantages:

of tissue cutting for different procedures as well as performing gingival (gum) pocket therapy. With our exclusive EPIC™ cuts soft tissue cleaner, with more blood control and supreme comfort.

can perform a full-mouth, in-office whitening procedure with an average of 4-6 shades in only 20 minutes, faster than any other in-office whitening system.

Relieve Minor Pain and Temporomandibular Joint( jaw joint) Related Conditions.

Rextar-X Radiograph

No more huge dental radiographic devices, you neither need to leave your dental chair to do a radiograph nor to a wear protective shield, no need to think about the risk of radiation.

Only in Royal Dental Center .. enjoy our new Rextar-X radiograph

Rextar-X is the latest, upgraded and totally new design among dental radiographs

Tests show the Rextar X is very safe to use,with less risk than standard dental radiographic units to the patient and dentist.No additional radiation protection precautions are needed when the device is used.

so you are not requested to change your position, everything comes to you smoothly.

has the highest technical among portable X-ray devices. Provides high image quality which helps us in performing accurate diagnosis of your case.



SonicFill™ is said to go from placement of composite (white filling material) to polished composite in less than three minutes. It is a true one-step, bulk fill dental composite with excellent adaptation and handling and improved esthetics and durability.

SonicFill™ is designed to enable excellent gloss, color-matching, wear resistance and strength to make filling even easier and more reliable.


J.Morita System

Many people are bored of Root Canal Treatment because of its multiple sessions ?? Why to go for multiple sessions if you could be treated in JUST one session !!!

With the help of our latest technology J.Morita System,
we offer you :

clean root canals and perfectly filled with root filling material.

97.5% accuracy rate

100% time saving.


Our Doctor

Highest Standard of Sterilization

At Royal Dental Care we take our responsibilities towards our patients very seriously. Controlling the risk of infection from dental procedures. We continually strive to ensure that we are completely up to date with our methods, equipment and techniques.

We are aware of the concern of possible transmission of diseases in dental offices. We practice universal precautions as recommended by the American Dental Association We autoclave our hand pieces, drills and instruments.


are indeed the corner-stones of modern standards of sterilization. So we have Runyes autoclave latest technology (The B Class Tech.) which is the only scientifically proven one to kill the TB Bacteria,Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV Viruses.

The few items which cannot be autoclaved are either disposable or cold sterilized using therecommended chemical solutions.


Ultrasonic cleaners

are basins mounted on transducers that convert electricity into ultrasonic vibrations.Instruments are first cleaned in the ultrasonic bath , rinsed, wrapped in special pouches that allow the autoclave steam to penetrate and sterilize while not porous enough to allow microorganisms to penetrate through and contaminate the sterilized instruments.

We want you to feel safe and secure when having dental treatment with us.