Sonic-activated dental filling

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sonic-activated dental filling

- It’s the industry’s first sonic-activated bulk fill composite system that helps us craft quality restorations with greater ease and speed compared to an incremental layering technique.

- SonicFILL is a technique created to seal cavities with minimal drilling, and filling the tooth with a non-metal composite resin material.

- New SonicFill™ 3 is the first Sonic Activated bulkfill composite that acts as a flowable in terms of adaptation and quick placement, but also as a sculptable composite when it comes to carving and contouring.

- it achieves long-lasting restorations in one efficient step.

- 5mm depth of cure with SingleFill Composite System

- Improved adaptation to the internal walls and restoration margins

- Better non-sticky handling

- Simpler to extrude during placement

- Low shrinkage stress for lasting marginal integrity

- The best benefits of both a flowable and sculptable composite in one.

- its use prevents post-operative sensitivity complaint following the use of the traditional composite systems.

- it increases our speed and deliver an excellent adaptation, lasting marginal integrity, and reduce post-operative sensitivity.

- The non-sticky, non-slumping nature of the material allows for quick, easy shaping and sculpting. 

** These benefits combined with a high depth of cure and low shrinkage stress allow a technique in which a cavity up to 5mm in depth can be filled and cured in a single bulk increment, hence the single fill concept. So, we will have adequate working time before the material starts setting.