pain-free extraction

Dental surgery

Painless Tooth Extraction

    • Tooth extraction at royal dental care is a painless procedure and also free of postoperative complications and pain. so no need to be anxious about making a surgery in your teeth and no need to take any medication or pain killers after the surgery.
  • First we put topical anaesthesia gel on the area of injection to numb the superficial layers, so you can't feel the needle brick inside your tissues.

  • second comes the step of injecting the anaesthetic solution which is known to be painful; our dental chair is supplied with a computerized syringe that control the flow rate and pressure of anaesthesia during injection to ensure optimal comfort and pain free injection.

  • Thanks to the new technologies in dental surgery, we use a surgical device called Piezotome, this device works by Ultrasonic vibrations that cut all the tooth attachments and make tooth removal simple and easy without causing harms to the surrounding bone or tissues. Consequently, this prevents postoperative swelling or inflammation and helps in rapid and better healing.

    • If you have a tooth that can't be restored either from extensive caries that makes it badly destructed or from root fracture caused by an accident.
    • If you have an impacted or partially erupted tooth that causes harm to other teeth in your mouth, or the tooth itself is painful.
    • If you have a retained primary teeth that prevents eruption of permanent teeth.
    • In orthodontic treatment plans, you may need to extract specific teeth to reduce crowding and help the orthodontist to have adequate spaces for proper teeth alignment.