Gingival Depigmentation

Cosmetic Dentistry

Gingival Depigmentation

  • It is one of the cosmetic procedures that you seek when you are suffering from dark gums that loses its normal pink colour, and you are not satisfied with your smile.
  • It is a one visit treatment which is painless, easy and quick.

Gingival pigmentation comes from a substance named Melanin which is found naturally in your body.   If your body has an over production of this Melanin specially in the gum region this will cause a dark appearance, this darkness vary from one person to another.

Factors that cause over production of Melanin:

  1. If you are a smoking person (The intensity of darkness depends on the intensity of smoking).
  2. Genetic transmission from your parents.
  3. Endocrinal disturbances.
  4. As an effect of some drugs.
  • There are several ways of removal of this pigments, some of them are surgical with massive bleeding and severe pain, but at Royal Dental Care we use the latest technology that deals with oral soft tissues, this device is named BIOLASE the soft tissue laser device that uses the laser light to remove safely all the pigments found in your gums, it is the most comfortable procedure, easy, painless and without bleeding at all.

    Gingival Depigmentation after care:

    After removal of this dark layer of gingiva, the area will be red in colour for one week, this red colour will resolve quickly to the normal pink colour and this will improve your esthetics and help you to smile with confidence.

    You may need to take an analgesic for 1 to 2 days if needed.

  • This is according to the cause of this pigments, if it comes from smoking and you stopped this habit so the effect will last forever, the same with drugs when you stop using it.

    But if it is due to a genetic or endocrinal cause recurrence will occur after 1 to 2 years, once this pigments appear again in your gingiva you can come and make this procedure safely again.