Digital smile design

Cosmetic Dentistry

Digital smile design

DSD means planning and designing a perfect smile that reflects your special nature and own personality.

It is not just teeth that makes up a beautiful smile, there are lips, cheeks, eyes in fact the whole face.

In DSD we look at your whole picture, how you will look while talking, smiling and laughing not just for that smile you see infront of the mirror.

Have you ever seen a smile that doesn't look right! , teeth of different sizes and shapes that don't match your smile were made by dentists in the past, but nowadays people's demands have changed from just having a mouth free of functional issues to a desire to own a naturally beautiful smile.

  • It helps you to see what will be the result of your treatment before even starting it.
  • DSD ethically involves you in the smile enhancement process by making you the co-designer of your own smile by sharing and expressing your desires and expectations with your dentist.
  • It increases your comfort throughout the treatment process.
  • It saves time because treatment becomes more accurate and simple requiring fewer appointments.

All we need to make a DSD is digital photographs taken correctly and in a good resolution to study your smile, make analysis of your facial and dental proportions, and plan the treatment virtually.