Dental jewellery

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Jewellery

  • It’s a cosmetic dental procedure in which diamond or any other stone is attached to the tooth surface .
  • They’re just few millimeters in size, applied on tooth surface with adhesive , they’re temporary & need no drilling.
  • Not painful , it takes several minutes.
  • Isolate with cotton roll, clean tooth with cotton roll.
  • Put etch 20 seconds on tooth.
  • Remove etch with cotton, then clean with wet cotton.
  • Put bond on tooth then Flowable composite then put Vaseline on the back of brush then put the crystal on its back and apply it on the tooth , reposition the crystal with the probe then cure for 20 seconds on each side .
  • It can be :

    • Temporary: will last from 1-6 W or for months.
    • Semi-temporary: will stay on until you decide to remove it.
  • To put it on the tooth , adhesive is applied on the tooth , So:

    • Enamel may wear away from tooth.
    • Increase tooth decay chance.