Cadcam zir. crown and bridge

Crown & Bridges

Cadcam zir. crown & bridge

What are these..?

This material is characterized by:

Adaptable Veneers for Every Smile

It can be placed on all teeth that have problems or teeth that appear in the smile that the patient wants to embody, it can be placed on all teeth or on anterior teeth only.

It requires several visits to the doctor for him to examine the teeth and make sure of the possibility of making  crowns, and to make computerized design of the smile where we can see the result in advance, and this design is adjustable or can be changed so that the patient can have the best satisfactory result in terms of shape, color and size of new teeth.

It solves some problems, including:

What is the pros and cons ?​




 It does not take long time to prepare and place it, it needs two visits, the first is for preparation and the second is for the trial & insertion of the crowns.

How to take care of it: